Looking for the open source creative power, to create and innovate PPE Face Masks for everyday use, for local manufacture where it’s needed.
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 – Design competition submission deadline extended to 3rd May –


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StopTheDrop non profit initiative

The world is facing a global shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) masks.

We are calling on designers, engineers and creatives to design a facemask for mass production.

Worldwide lack of PPE masks
One of the most pressing problems in the crisis

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Prizes worth 10.000 €
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Initiative Aim

We are asking for people to design and produce affordable, easy to replicate facemasks, which can be easily replicated and mass-produced. that are available to anyone, allowing crucial resources to be directed back to the frontline workers.

Facemask MAF1 Prototype

Using a coffee filter, we have created a prototype.

About The Competition

Hear from Ingo Aicher, MD at Jones AV, as he explains a bit about the initiative and how you can get involved.

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