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StopTheDrop Initiative
c/o JonesAV Ltd.

Das Bank
1-3 Westbourne Road
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United Kingdom

E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: +44 – 151 – 558 0877


I would like to thank an incredible team who all worked tirelessly and free of charge to make this project happen in an extremely short time.

All @ Team sfxonline

German Wider
Christian Bader
Jürgen Hörmann
Isabella Hecht

All @ team Agent Marketing especially

Paul Corcoran
Daniel Byrne
Harriet Holbrook

All @ Brabners LLP for the legal support

Tom Smith
Catherine Forshaw
Colin  Bell

Bob Wass @Untold Media

for the awsome videos

Team Jones AV

Adam Crosswell
Krisztina Horvath
David Grimes
Irene Escude
Christian Goda
Annette Kaviani
Florian Brunow
Darren Cain
Souab Khan
Jens Posingies
Robert Pazurek


Special thanks

Special thanks to Andre Figula turning my ideas into 3D files and Paula Duffy for all the support & porridge and Joerg Rosenkranz and Katja Pasquini & Désirée Mueller for the German PR texts.

All at Robert Boys Accountants 

And not to forget Prof. Dr. Paul Tierney 

Very special thanks to Profihost for providing the hosting for this free of charge.

And everyone who will join and support us to make this a success.

And – not to forget – Ingo!