Stop The Drop initiative extends the Mask submission deadline for the design competition for another week until Sunday 03/05/20.

We always knew that a one-week initial deadline would be a tough call to reach out to the creative community. Everyone involved has worked really hard to get the message out there, and we have received some much appreciated and great support from so many people.

As it appears all conventional media channels are occupied with reporting mainly about lots of big international Covid-19 news, which come in faster than you can fry an egg, so we were always going to be heavily reliant on social media to reach out to creative communities around the globe.

As luck has it, Facebook and Twitter algorithms picked up the campaign thinking we were trying to sell facemasks and temporarily blocked our accounts. As a result, we feel that we only reached a lot of the creative communities in many countries late on in the campaign. In order to give everyone a fair shot at coming up with a design for entry, we decided to extend the deadline for another week.

We still feel the issue of coming up with great new alternative everyday masks designs and solutions is more pressing than ever. However, we also believe in the true power of the open source and that the more people participate the more creative the results, the better for everyone.

A great big thanks to all our supporters for the getting behind this campaign.

Keep on being creative and keep the designs coming.